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Improving Operational Efficiency in Healthcare By Mohan Giridharadas, Founder and CEO, LeanTaaS The notion of improving operational efficiency is conspicuously absent from the healthcare debate - neither Obamacare nor the newly proposed GOP plan discusses the impact that a step-function improvement in efficiency could have on access to healthcare (through more capacity), quality of healthcare services (through reduced wait times for patients) or cost (through better utilization of scarce, expensive assets). The opportunity of improving operational efficiency in health systems is plainly visible - a quick walk around any hospital or clinic will show the obvious symptoms: waiting rooms filled with people while the very piece of equipment for which they are waiting remains idle and patients spending 90 minutes or more to obtain a quick consultation or a check of their v... (more)

Cloud Computing for the Health of It

Cloud computing must have been brushing up on its bedside manner. HIPAA requirements now stipulate everyone in the health-care industry must begin migrating patient records and other data to cloud computing. By 2015, all medical professionals with access to patient records must utilize electronic medical and health records (EMR and EHR), or face penalties. A recent study by MarketsandMarkets revealed the health-care cloud computing market, which is only currently about 4% of the industry, is expected to grow to nearly $5.4 billion by 2017. The cloud migration process, however, can be daunting for health-care organizations since they have to move an incredible amount of data, according to an article on Forbes.com. Cloud service providers are now offering a variety of new ways to access information via cloud applications and microsites designed for mobile devices. To ... (more)

IT Personnel Hit Hard by New Flu Outbreak

The newest target population is IT presenters, and the geographic scope of this nascent disease is now global. Rapid onslaught of symptoms include the inability to focus and then agitation. Physical symptoms are fidgeting, then heavy sighing, culminating in the urge to scream.  The final symptom is Cerebral Mortis: the brain just shuts down. The original or parent disease is DBP: Death by Power Point, but a recent variation, the F5 strain, is gaining strength especially in the IT community. What is this new mutation of Death by Power Point? Embedded  Content The new strain embeds video and MP3 files into seemingly innocuous engineering slides.  And in some populations where broadband is endemic, researchers have even seen streaming live web content. But the final result is the same: audience and presenter are left with an empty feeling of disappointment. How and why ... (more)

Which Cloud Services Providers Are Gaining Mind Share?

Cloud Computing on Ulitzer There is little doubt that cloud computing is big news, but who is gaining your mind share?  Amazon, NetSuite, and Salesforce.com, have been in the news recently with a number of announcements.  So many that I've been attempting to track them by creating specific journals for each. Our experiences are likely to be different, and barring actual surveys and research, is subjective and based largely on our own impressions and perceptions of which companies are in the news or making news in this segment. There are several lists that are excellent points of reference - The Top 150 Players in Cloud Computing, 85 Cloud Computing Vendors Shaping the Emerging Cloud, and The VAR Guy's SaaS 20 Index. Large technology companies like AT&T, EMC / VMware, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Unisys, and others that come to mind have not been included below in the top 20... (more)

Dell's Jiu-Jitsu. Strategic Genius?

While I was off enjoying some brain candy by way of obtaining PMI's PMP (Project Management Professional) certification last week, the IT landscape was busy reconfiguring itself. I enjoyed reading Jeffrey Kaplan's analysis of the Perot acquisition by Dell, and Information Week's perspective.  At this early juncture I probably have more questions than answers, but also viewed the acquisition from a slightly different perspective. All the players involved are cognizant of the changing IT landscape towards cloud computing, while they may differ in opinion as to the degree of impact it will have, speed to maturity and other factors, I doubt Dell has overlooked anything here. Neither have most of the captains of the IT industry. EMC's CEO, Joe Tucci, believes this paradigm shift to cloud computing will take out some of the giants of IT.  And given how nervous Larry Elli... (more)

Linking Hospitals to In-Cloud Services

Medical processing is a very good use case for Cloud Computing, since it requires significant processing power. It also has clear and obvious governance requirements, concerning secure access to information. David Brossard from BT is speaking at VordelWorld on the solution which his team has put together using Vordel and Axiomatics products to link hospitals to in-Cloud services for radiotherapy processing. Here is the abstract from the VordelWorld Conference site: David will illustrate how secure access to computer resources has been achieved by innovating on top of products form Vordel and Axiomatics. He will use the RadioptherapyGrid pilot as an example. RadiotherapyGrid is a solution that enables a group of hospitals to securely access in-Cloud services for radiotherapy processing that utilise Grid Computing technology in order to plan the best possible radio the... (more)

Pharmaceutical Industry Set to Emerge as winners in the Healthcare Reform

Pharmaceutical News on Ulitzer Once a powerful profit-machine, big pharma is stumbling, the threat of further government intervention, drying product pipelines, fierce competition from generic manufacturers, consumer concerns about safety, and false marketing claims is forcing leaders to revisit operations to secure top line Growth. So leaders such as Judith Marquis, Group VP Genzyme, Jeffrey Nye, Chief Medical Officer J&J Pharmaceuticals and James Kirwin VP Global Clinical Operation Wyeth Pharmaceuticals are uniting with over 50 other figureheads at the renowned NGP US Summit next week in Florida to discuss future technology investments to strengthen the industry and improve efficiency to "weather the Healthcare Reform". Thomas Haverty - Global VP, Global Clinical Research, Schering-Plough is set to start proceedings and our sources tell us he will be talking abou... (more)

Competitive Innovation in Healthcare

As most of you are aware, last week Salesforce.com held its DreamForce 2009 Cloud Computing event.  Unfortunately, I had a conflict with an ITIL course and was unable to attend what is arguably one of the most important Cloud Computing events of the year.  However, I did have the pleasure of speaking briefly with Mr. Ryan Howard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Practice Fusion. For those of you who may not be aware, Practice Fusion is a free, SaaS based EHR service provider founded in 2005 by Mr. Howard, based out of San Francisco.  In addition to the current services it provides in the areas of medical billing, scheduling and patient record management, the latest key updates to their service, according to Mr. Howard, include lab integration (Quest Diagnostics) and eprescribing capabilities. One of the interesting aspects of Practice Fusion aside from Sale... (more)

ActiveHealth and IBM Pioneer Cloud Computing Approach to Help Doctors

IBM and ActiveHealth Management, an Aetna subsidiary, on Thursday unveiled a new cloud computing and clinical decision support solution that will enable medical practices, hospitals and states to change the way they deliver healthcare, providing better quality care at a lower cost. IBM and ActiveHealth Management worked together to create the Collaborative Care Solution that gives physicians and patients access to the information they need to improve the overall quality of care, without the need to invest in new infrastructure. Patients often have to carry their health history information with them from visit to visit. Doctors don't always have the information they need when they need to quickly make patient care decisions. The Collaborative Care Solution addresses these issues by gathering patients' health data from multiple sources to create a detailed patient rec... (more)

3SO Case Study – NIST On-site Community Cloud

3SO is a perfect example of a use case for the NIST Community Cloud Deployment Model, because they are a “shared services organization” for a number of Healthcare units. A shared services organization is an example of the same community effect at the people and process level. It exists when a number of partnering organizations identify common needs and functions that they each duplicate, such as payroll or procurement, and they maximize their own individual efficiencies by consolidating them into single, ‘shared departments’ that acts as a supplier to them all. An example of this process is the adoption of Community Cloud models. This allows them to each consolidate their data-centre infrastructure costs and workload, to operate a single platform that runs the same software they all use. In January 3SO published this RFP for services to build the in-house version,... (more)

Certify Data Systems Selects CallidusCloud Platform

Callidus Software Inc. announced on Monday that Certify Data Systems, a pioneer in Health Information Exchange (HIE) technology, has selected the LeadFormix Marketing Automation platform to optimize its lead generation and sales and marketing effectiveness. The agreement was signed in the first quarter of 2012. Certify Data Systems will leverage the LeadFormix platform to provide its sales and marketing organizations with high-value insight from web, search, and social channels, coupled with the tools to deliver high impact marketing campaigns. CallidusCloud's LeadFormix provides an easy-to-use, collaborative SaaS platform designed for Inside Sales, Sales, Marketing, and Web Optimization teams to optimize their sales pipeline growth. The LeadFormix platform goes beyond demand generation and workflow automation to provide real insight into a website visitor's inten... (more)