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Improving Operational Efficiency in Healthcare By Mohan Giridharadas, Founder and CEO, LeanTaaS The notion of improving operational efficiency is conspicuously absent from the healthcare debate - neither Obamacare nor the newly proposed GOP plan discusses the impact that a step-function improvement in efficiency could have on access to healthcare (through more capacity), quality of healthcare services (through reduced wait times for patients) or cost (through better utilization of scarce, expensive assets). The opportunity of improving operational efficiency in health systems is plainly visible - a quick walk around any hospital or clinic will show the obvious symptoms: waiting rooms filled with people while the very piece of equipment for which they are waiting remains idle and patients spending 90 minutes or more to obtain a quick consultation or a check of their v... (more)

What Is an Enterprise Health Cloud? | @CloudExpo #Cloud #BigData #Analytics

What Is an Enterprise Health Cloud? By Jikku Venkat Digital transformation has changed the way users interact with the world, and the traditional healthcare experience no longer meets rising consumer expectations. Enterprise Health Clouds (EHCs) are designed to easily and securely deliver the smart and engaging digital health experience that patients expect today, while ensuring the compliance and data integration that care providers require. Enterprise Health Cloud Defined Enterprise Health Clouds allow health care providers and payers, pharma, biotech and medical device manufacturers to all deliver a secure and modern digital experience to their patients, members and workforce. They provide development accelerators in the form of SDKs, as well as cloud-based app development and delivery services. EHCs also handle security, interoperability and scalability, letting... (more)

Why Security Matters for Big Data and Health Care

Data is quickly becoming one of those certainties in life, like death and taxes. It'll always be there, and like the Once-ler's Thneed factory from The Lorax (sorry, I have kids), data figures to keep on biggering, and biggering, and biggering and biggering. More data means more knowledge, greater insights, smarter ideas and expanded opportunities for organizations to harness and learn from their data. Banks, retailers and even government are embracing big data, but while IDC estimated the big data market at $2.2 billion in 2011, only 6% of that investment came from health care. On the flip side, a 2011 report from McKinsey Global Institute suggests if health care in the U.S. used big data to drive efficiency and quality, the potential could be more than $300 billion in value every year. So big data investment by health care is small and growing, but the potential ... (more)

Healthcare Delivery Requires New Approaches to Dealing with Data

An expected deluge of data and information about patients, providers, outcomes, and needed efficiencies is pushing the healthcare industry to rapid change. But more than dealing with just the volume of data is required. Interoperability, security and the ability to adapt rapidly to the lessons in the data are all essential. The means of enabling Boundaryless Information Flow, Open Platform 3.0 adaptation, and security for the healthcare industry are then, not surprisingly, headline topics for The Open Group’s upcoming event, Enabling Boundaryless Information Flow on July 21 and 22 in Boston. And Boston is a hotbed of innovation and adaption for how technology, enterprise architecture, and open standards can improve the communication and collaboration among healthcare ecosystem players. In preparation for the conference, BriefingsDirect had the opportunity to interv... (more)

Cloud-Based Healthcare By @HarbingerSys | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

New Possibilities with Cloud-Based Healthcare Records Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Over the last few years the healthcare ecosystem has revolved around innovations in Electronic Health Record (HER) based systems. This evolution has helped us achieve much desired interoperability. Now the focus is shifting to other equally important aspects - scalability and performance. While applying cloud computing environments to the EHR systems, a special consideration needs to be given to the cloud enablement of Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA), i.e., the largest single medical system in the United States. VistA is a collection of over 168 application packages/modules and is based on the client-server communication model operating on RPC broker. Moving VistA to a cloud platform is still in its infancy. In their session at 15th Cloud Exp... (more)

What is So Great About Private Health Insurance?

Most significant challenges deserve objective analysis based on economic principals. Supply and demand being at the core. Things costing to much ? The explaination is usually a lack of competition or artifical restrictions among alternative options for buyers. Not enough supply ? Barriers to entry , government restrictions or diminishing prospects for profit can be at the root. Interestingly, when it comes to health care what people pay for and what they get is at the core of the problem and private insurance intermediaries are profiting from market inefficiencies. In the end the private for profit insurance industry delivers no real or sustained value and this is central to the health care crisis because they slice the pie with the main objective being their profits, not a uniform allocation of risk and costs among populations to make the cost for all lower. This r... (more)

Which Cloud Services Providers Are Gaining Mind Share?

Cloud Computing on Ulitzer There is little doubt that cloud computing is big news, but who is gaining your mind share?  Amazon, NetSuite, and Salesforce.com, have been in the news recently with a number of announcements.  So many that I've been attempting to track them by creating specific journals for each. Our experiences are likely to be different, and barring actual surveys and research, is subjective and based largely on our own impressions and perceptions of which companies are in the news or making news in this segment. There are several lists that are excellent points of reference - The Top 150 Players in Cloud Computing, 85 Cloud Computing Vendors Shaping the Emerging Cloud, and The VAR Guy's SaaS 20 Index. Large technology companies like AT&T, EMC / VMware, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Unisys, and others that come to mind have not been included below in the top 20... (more)

Linking Hospitals to In-Cloud Services

Medical processing is a very good use case for Cloud Computing, since it requires significant processing power. It also has clear and obvious governance requirements, concerning secure access to information. David Brossard from BT is speaking at VordelWorld on the solution which his team has put together using Vordel and Axiomatics products to link hospitals to in-Cloud services for radiotherapy processing. Here is the abstract from the VordelWorld Conference site: David will illustrate how secure access to computer resources has been achieved by innovating on top of products form Vordel and Axiomatics. He will use the RadioptherapyGrid pilot as an example. RadiotherapyGrid is a solution that enables a group of hospitals to securely access in-Cloud services for radiotherapy processing that utilise Grid Computing technology in order to plan the best possible radio the... (more)

Savvis Selects The Vitality Group to Help Improve Employee Health

Healthcare Innovation Journal The Vitality Group announced that Savvis, Inc. has selected its incentive-based wellness program to motivate and support Savvis associates as they take ownership of their personal health. Savvis, one of the largest IP network and hosting providers in the world employs more than 2,200 employees. The Vitality program will be made available to its U.S. employees. "We are incorporating this program as a key element of our overall benefits offering to provide our employees with the tools and support to be healthy," said Laura Fisher, VP, Human Resources Operations, Savvis. "We selected Vitality because it has tools to motivate those with good heath to maintain it, as well as tools to help employees with health challenges. We've already seen a significant improvement in participation of health screenings, increased 200 percent from last year,... (more)

US Patent and Trademark Office Grants athenahealth, Inc., Patent

Healthcare Innovation Journal athenahealth announced that on November 10, 2009, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued athenahealth a patent entitled, ‘Practice Management and Billing Automation System’ (U.S. Patent No. 7,617,116) for its athenaNet rules engine that is part of the Company’s revenue cycle management service, athenaCollector. The patented athenahealth technology is, briefly described, a method for managing a medical practice’s insurance claims by storing and modifying claim rules based on ongoing interactions with claim messages received from payers on submitted claims, enabling the system to automatically produce cleaner and more accurate claims. A complete description of the patented technology is available through the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. “Early on we designed athenaNet to act as a national utility that was ab... (more)

SSI Offers Fourth-Gen RCM for Health Industry, Cloud Computing

SaaS Track at Cloud Expo The SSI Group, Inc. has developed what it calls a "fourth-generation revenue cycle management (RCM) solution," known as the ClickON ClaimSmart Suite. Its offered as SaaS for Cloud Computing installations, and aims to "increase productivity, reduce errors, streamline workflows, and enhance cash flow," according to the company. The centerpiece is the ClaimSmart Dashboard, which allows users to visualize all aspects of the revenue cycle. The dashboard gives real-time displays of patient eligibility, claim submittals, claim status, remittances, iincluding denials, adjustments, and take-backs, and payer confirmation reports. "Additional drill-down capabilities provide customization to the standard workflow within these revenue cycle phases, said company exec Doug Bilbrey.  "Users at all levels of the organization, from the CFO through the busines... (more)